#RadioDocumentary Struggles of Helen, an OCD sufferer

Helen Purslow is a 45 year old woman who suffers from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  She is one of the seven hundred thousand people in the UK who struggles with OCD on a… Continue reading

Radio documentary: OCD is not just hand washing

The WHO has ranked Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as one of the top ten debilitating mental illness in the UK. Now, on Radio 4 Sonal Gupta explores what more needs to be done to… Continue reading

Coming soon: OCD is not just hand washing

One in four people in the UK are affected by mental health problems. According to a report named Parity in Progress there is inadequate investment made in the mental health sector. Mental health… Continue reading

I want to play – TV documentary

Stonebridge Adventure Playground is home to 120 people on a daily average. The Brent Council closed it on the 1st April 2015, because of lack of funds. Parents and children are deeply affected with… Continue reading

Champagne with a view

I recently attended a wine tasting session organised by Moët Academy. Find the published article on: http://goodthingsmagazine.com/champagne-with-a-view/

War zones are “99 per cent boredom. One per cent sheer fear,” says former BBC journalist.

Former BBC journalist Brian Rose talks about the difference between freedom of expression and violation of expression in light of recent terrorist attacks.  The attack by two gunmen on on the satirical magazine… Continue reading

Labour’s Dawn Butler defends tuition fee cut

Labour’s initiative to reduce tuition fees might not be sufficient for university students. Sonal Gupta reports Labour has said it will reduce the tuition fees for university students from £9, 000 to £6,000 should… Continue reading

Scottish women’s group comes to London

A successful initiative to help women become more independent and stand on their own feet is set to come London. Reports Sonal Gupta SRG [Self-Reliant Group] leads an initiative where number of women… Continue reading


Home to around 120 youngsters on a daily basis, Stonebridge Adventure Playground (SAP) is being closed on 1st April 2015. Brent Council, which contributes revenue funds towards SAP, is willing to build new… Continue reading

UK employees miss their lunch break.

A recent survey by BUPA suggests that two third of UK employees skip lunch break. Most of them feel that has implications on health and productivity. An average lunch break is 20 minutes… Continue reading