Things to be learnt from an Indian tea time snack

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It is poring like cats and dogs and you are sitting beside your window enjoying the cool breeze hitting your face. What is the first thing you think of at this delightful moment?
You are sitting with a friend in your patio, engaged in an endless conversation. What is the first thing you would serve your friend?
PARLE-G ( well known Indian biscuit ) WITH CHAI ( Indian tea ) !!!

The artistic consumption.

If you think about it, there is immense artistry required to gain the pleasure of having Parle-G with chai. The mastery of dipping Parle-G in chai is a food habit that comes to play since one’s childhood and hangs around till one’s demise. A young kid sits with the entire packet of biscuit to sip chai only because the whole idea of merging a Solid (Parle-G Biscuit) with Liquid (chai) excites him.
Alongside the daily hustle of watching television, reading newspaper, doing domestic chores those biscuits with chai has been a ‘must have’for Indians. If you dig deep then you may realize that this act is teaching us that all the joys of life can be doubled if shared with others. Like how one can share the time of watching television while emptying a packet of biscuits with chai to seek more joy.


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Personal time.

From the first dip of Parle-G in the chai to the last sip where crumbs of the biscuits are left at the bottom of the cup, it helps the human mind to just let go off their monotonous routine for few minutes and wander in its own dreamland where everything seems to fall in place. Now this is an excellent reminder that there is a need to let go off our frustrations, anger, disappointments, greed for once and take a halt in our jam-packed schedules to just think whether or not do we even like what we are doing or where we are?
With my mind wandering through the roots of extreme philosophy, I believe the artistry behind having Parle-G with chai displays the true nature of people and the type of bond they may share.


The biscuit, Parle-G being hard and brittle displays the tough nature of a man and his capability of breaking down in overpowering circumstances, just like the biscuit which gets saggy when submerged into the liquid, to a level which is way more than what it can take. Whereas the chai here projects the women’s behaviour and capability of adapting to any circumstance, just the way how a fluid takes the shape of whichever container it is poured in.
The act of dipping Parle-G in chai also reflects the very base on which male and female bonding thrives. It suggests that in any relationship, one has to be capable of absorbing or adjusting according to flow of the situation just like the chai and the other one has to be tough enough to project a stable behaviour as that of Parle-G.
The whole idea behind blending two opposite states of matter also implies that the entire universe has all kind of species whose thoughts and way of living may more than often be exactly opposite to yours , and strongly supports the universal law ‘opposites attract’. Don’t you think?

Relationship Consultant

The exercise of dipping the Parle-G in the chai is also an excellent relationship consultant as it hints if we intrude on our beloved’s space and privacy way beyond the requirement, we might just lose the person, the same way the biscuit drops when we dip it into the chai way beyond its capability to sulk in the fluid. And if we dip the biscuit less into the chai, we fail to enjoy the essence of the Chai, just like when we get less involved in our beloved’s life and act passive towards them, we might fail to enjoy the intimacy of the relationship.

And now that I have reached the last sip of my chai and see the crumbs of Parle-G residing at the bottom, I realize that Parle-G with chai is indeed a suitable way of killing the crave for untimely food and is a splendid companion to your wandering thoughts.
Can’t wait till I begin with my next cup of chai with Parle-G!