Where is the GP ?


Photo credit : Flickr

“Labour introduced waiting times in physical health – we will do the same for the many people struggling with conditions that you often can’t see.” Says Nick Clegg, published on Huffingtonpost.co.uk
With Nick Clegg and the Labour party talking about introducing a better NHS scheme and reducing waiting time for patients, many concerned citizens from the UK have come out and shared their inconvenience.

Fullfacts.org, an UK independent organisation that checks the facts reports that:
“10.8% of those who received a first appointment had waited for over 90 days, which works out at about 13 weeks.”
The issue is not about when will the citizens of UK have frequent GP appointments, the issue is why do they not have it yet?

Promises for introducing a routinely GP appointment have been made in the past as well.
A Daily Mail Survey published on dailymail.co.uk on reports : “Only one in three manages to secure a same-day appointment, despite Government promises to make such slots routinely available. One in five cannot get a consultation within seven days.”

One such case of a disappointed patient was of councillor name Ron Jones who died after waiting for 15 months for heart operation, reports the Dailymail.co.uk.
He was suggested by Royal Gwent Hospital in May 2012 that he will require a double heart bypass and a new valve and was given an appointment for operation in May 2013. The wait unfortunately cost him his life.

Mr Jones partner, Pam Allen said “Why did he wait so long when they knew what was wrong with him? To me, heart surgery is an emergency.”
With such situations taking turns and causing the patients inconvenience repeatedly, let’s all hope that 2015 elections get better provision of facilities for the patients and the GP.