UK employees miss their lunch break.

A recent survey by BUPA suggests that two third of UK employees skip lunch break. Most of them feel that has implications on health and productivity.

An average lunch break is 20 minutes which accounts to extra unpaid work for 19 days in a year. According to the survey, 43% of the employees skip lunch due to overload. 30% of employees who skip lunch think it has effects on health. Employers from different sectors have different opinions.

lucnh break 1

Employees having their lunch.

Photo credits: Flickr

The feature piece would explore if the extra work should be recognised, consequences faced by the employees and what the trade unions are doing about extra unpaid work.

The feature will also look at whether the employees feel they are forced to skip lunch or is it because of the workload that might exist.

Deeksha Sharma and Sonal Gupta also look into how the working culture might be changing.

Special thanks to- UNISON, James Stevenson and Takako.