Home to around 120 youngsters on a daily basis, Stonebridge Adventure Playground (SAP) is being closed on 1st April 2015. Brent Council, which contributes revenue funds towards SAP, is willing to build new houses and extend Stonebridge Primary School in place of the SAP.
Despite continuous requests from young kids and parents the Brent Council refuses to budge and stands firm at its decision.Audley Harrison, heavyweight boxer and former user of the SAP, campaigned to prevent the playground from being closed.
If you wish to voice your opinion about this topic, you can come and visit us from 17/03/2015 afternoon for a week at Stonebridge Adventure Playground, NW108NG.
Me and my colleague, Cristiana Ferrauti, are working on a TV documentary.
See you there.

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Photo credits: Cristiana Ferrauti