Radio documentary: OCD is not just hand washing

The WHO has ranked Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as one of the top ten debilitating mental illness in the UK. Now, on Radio 4 Sonal Gupta explores what more needs to be done to help the OCD sufferers in the UK. Producer and reporter: Sonal Gupta


Helen Purslow: OCD sufferer

Poonam Joshi: Mental health patient

Dr Ashley Goff: CBT therapist

Dr Arthur Anderson: Clinical psychologist

Andy Bell: Chief Executive of Centre for Mental Health

Micheal Bevan: Conservative councillor

Jonathan Slater: Labour councillor

Olivia Bamber: OCD action media representative

Special thanks to Helen Purslow and Poonam Joshi for sharing their courageous struggle with mental illness.

Photo credits

Hand washing: Flickr 

> Listen to the trailer of the radio documentary

> Struggles of Helen, an OCD sufferer