Where are the female engineers in the UK?

There is a massive shortage of engineers in the UK. Astonishingly one in ten engineers is a woman. If the UK succeeds to fill the demand for vacant jobs in engineering by 2020,… Continue reading

Coming soon: Where are the female engineers in the UK ?

Photo credits: Flickr There is a massive shortage of engineers in the UK. If the UK succeeds to fill the demand for vacant jobs in engineering by 2020, engineers can contribute an additional… Continue reading

Are journalists protected?

Over the last few years, cases that highlight killing and kidnapping of journalists have increased at an alarming rate. According to Reporters Without Borders tally (non-profit organisation that defends the right to freedom of… Continue reading

Voice of an international reader.

Photo credits: Flickr With UK seriously speculating the advantage or disadvantage of immigrants in the country, the Guardian choses to reveal another point of view on immigration. The newspaper talks about an improvement… Continue reading

And we thought making a TV news package could be easy. *Sigh*

As a Masters student at University of Westminster in BroadcastJournalism, one of the tasks we have to complete is making a TV news package. It is just not about being good with a… Continue reading

UK argues over the implications of rise in ageing population.

Photo credits:Flickr The ageing population is expected to rise by 3.2 million by 2020. There will be more aged people in comparison to that age 16-59, says the Guardian. What has gone wrong?… Continue reading

Women can rape and harm a man too.

Photo credits: Flickr In continuation with my read of Pinki Virani’s Bitter Chocolate, my eyes opened to a world where a woman also could be a perpetrator. We sure will be living in… Continue reading

Do not report a story un-prepared

Photo credits: Yan Arief As a journalist it is essential to have a clear plan chalked out in your head before you pitch the story to the audience. If you think you will get… Continue reading

Chop women. But leave men alone?

Photo credits: Flickr In a recent sterilisation camp conducted at government-run mobile sterilisation clinic in Chattisgarh (East India), 15 women have been reported dead due to lack of appropriate treatment and provision of… Continue reading

I am on my period!! SO??

                                                                             Photo credits : Flickr Despite of evolution taking place in culture, lifestyle and living standards all over the world ‘menstruation’ still seems… Continue reading